Where It All Ended

Greetings fans and friends alike, Radd here!

I couldn't be more proud of the work my friend Tom and I have done here at Gaming AM, and I want to thank you all for your continued support. Your kind words of praise, and expressions of laughter and joy have made me very happy I chose to join Tom in creating this podcast.

It was Tom who pushed me into podcasting despite a great deal of trepidation on my part, and I can't thank him enough for doing that. Having experienced the creative spark that came along with producing Gaming AM, I found a new and powerful passion for entertaining people. The numbers don't matter to me, if our words made even one person smile or think today, I feel gratified. The world sucks sometimes, and if a joke or story we told helped someone get through a bad day, that's really all that matters.

However, we all reach points in our lives when we know it's time to change things up, re-shuffle commitments and follow our dreams. As you can no doubt tell by the title and tone of this article, for me that time has come. Today I am here to announce that after a great deal of thoughtful deliberation, I have decided to pursue a different course in my life, and this will be the end of the road for Gaming AM. It's been a hell of a journey, filled with laughs, excitement and self-discovery. I can’t reiterate my thanks enough to Tom for shoving a microphone in my face and making me talk on the internet. Thanks also to our biggest supporters, John Broderick of Gaming FM Reborn & KJ Rodeghero for contributing and spreading the word. Huge thanks to Mike Vallas for making our finale episode a 2-part epic! Finally, thank you to the countless family members, friends and fans who were always there to pass along words of encouragement. I bow deeply to you all!

This website and all of our podcast episodes will remain online and available for your listening enjoyment. I encourage you to listen to them all and remember the greatest podcast in the world, Gaming AM.

Legendary men will return again...